Our huge selection of wooden beads are especially manufactured with the highest quality in mind. 

Make your own pacifier clips, pram strings, bracelets or other jewely making.

All colors are non toxic, lead free and color proof. Perfect for making those cute and maybe personalized baby items for your little one.

Our wooden lense beads are perfect as spacer beads  e.g. when you want to add alphabet letter cubes to your project.


The wooden spacer beads comes in a large selection of colors that all match our large color range of wooden beads.

The beads are of course non toxic and color proof and are therefor very suitable for making e.g. pacifier clips.

Most colors come in both 10mm and 14mm in diameter.

When using lense beads as spacer beads you often don't need a lot.

Also you can chooose from all our colors of lense beds and buy just the few that you need.

Or maybe you just want a sample to check the color or size of articular bead.


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